Alfalfa & Bean Sprouting Instructions Using Your ‘Original Speed Strainer Lid’:

1. Start by making sure your glass jar and sprouting lid are both clean and sterilized. We run ours through the dishwasher.
Your ‘Original Speed Strainer Lid’ is dishwasher safe, top rack.
Place seeds or beans in your jar and screw on your lid. Rinse the beans right through your lid until the water runs clear.
For quart jars use: 1 Tablespoon of alfalfa seeds or 2 Tablespoons of beans
For half gallon jars use: 2 Tablespoons of alfalfa seeds or 4 Tablespoons of beans

2. Fill your jar of seeds or beans with water and leave them to soak for about 8 hours. Sprouts do better if they are around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sprouts don't like it too hot or they will mold, or too cold as they won't sprout as well. We soak ours overnight.

3. Drain and rinse the seeds or beans with cool water, and drain off all the water again. You can do all of this without ever removing your 'Original Speed Strainer Lid'. If you have a sprayer on your sink, spray the water right through the stainless mesh on your lid. We are pretty aggressive when we spray our sprouts to keep them really clean as they grow. Don’t just swish them with water, really give them a good cleaning. Let the seeds stick to the inside of the jar when you drain the water, so that they are not clumped together giving them room to sprout and breath.

4. Place the jar of moist seeds or beans in a dark place where there is not a lot of sunlight. We just set ours on our counter next to our sink, but out of the sun and we put our jar upside down at an angle in a bowl or anything that will allow our sprouts to drain well without ever sitting in water. Keep your seeds or beans moist and always allows air to circulate through your lid.

5. Rinse your sprouts thoroughly (as explained in step 3) 3 times a day until the water runs clear and then drain all the water off again each time replacing your jar upside down in your bowl.

6. Your sprouts will be done in just a few days for bean sprouts and about 5 days for alfalfa sprouts, it just depends on how you like to eat them. Once they are the size you want them, put them in a bowl of cool water and separate out the hulls from the sprouts. Drain your sprouts well and store them in the refrigerator for up to a week. They are best eaten fresh, so you will want to start a new batch often.

7. Enjoy your fresh, healthy & delicious greens grown right in your own kitchen!

We like to eat alfalfa sprouts as our main salad & bean sprouts as finger food with homemade ranch dressing.